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It’s neither a CV, nor an investment offer and a reason to have a drink. Maybe the deposits of the personal growth literature contain an exact definition of the given text and even pieces of advice how to correctly compile it. However I’ve read nothing of the kind. So, I’ll try to explain it in my own words. Here I am – Denis Sarychev. Somebody considers me a good guy, somebody doesn’t, somebody knows me in person, and somebody just reads my Facebook account. Anyway there are two or three thousands of people who “know” me. Moreover, every person knows me in his own way. I am a runner for someone, an hotelier or an “Arseniy’s father”. At that I may have much more areas of common interest with some of my friends and subscribers. We don’t just know about them.

That’s the point. I tell the world about my current interests in the professional field. I tell about what I can do, where I want to go and which spheres of activity make me “burn”. I create my inquiry and leave it here. It’s a kind of prompt answer to the question “What are you doing now?” and even “What would you like to do?”

What should it turn out to be? I have no idea. As far as the mentioned topics is concerned I am interested in any communications except for “just to have a chat” ones. Joint projects – accepted, job offers – accepted, education programs – accepted, a good book – sure!

  • By the way, John, you should get in touch with Denis, he is also interested in it…
  • What if I write to Denis, I remember he dealt with something like that…
  • Hum… maybe I should invite Sarychev. He told he was interested in the subject…
  • I should recommend that Denis reads it…

That is the reaction I would like to get from those who will read this text. Write, recommend, invite 🙂  The document is updated, if needed.

So, I am interested in…

I am interested in any communications in HoReCa business. Hotel and restaurant business is my most updated experience. Since October 2013 I and my wife have been managing Pelegrin Hotel Samui and have got certain good results. Average annual hotel occupancy is 70%. Top rating in booking systems and on tourist websites proves our efforts. Now I feel I have outgrown the frames of the little family hotel. However I am eager to further develop in the hospitality industry. No doubt, I am ready to share my experience (I have already done this both on the given website and personally, I should say).

20150728_bkk (20)Since October 2014 I have been coming to the understanding of my own development in the sphere of restaurant business through trial and error. My way is difficult, but I hope that all the mistakes will turn into the lessons leading to the success. At the present moment I have a Russian and international cuisine unit at the food court in The Wharf Shopping Mall. However I am constantly looking for new ways of developing this business. I am interested in any forms, experience and ideas. Restaurant business is a main vector of my professional development. I like it, I want it and I have already had certain skills. My special interest is a restaurants chains as well as delivery and catering.

With great pleasure I think about sport event industry, sport tourism and active recreation services as well as amateur sports. It means Sport management in the broad sense of the word. At first, I am interested in cyclic types. I think about races, timing, accessories for running, training camp organization and running tours. Here I just share my thoughts, I learn something, but I will be pleased to put my back into an interesting sport project.

Then come Event-management and PCO and DMC, at first. In previous life I had an experience of organizing business conferences for dozens / hundreds of participants which lasted up to three days. I always liked this activity and even looked at Bangkok market a little. Of course, there are real sharks working there, plus taking into account Thai special nature. However it would be interesting even to try to fail there.

At last, I should remember my 15-year experience in IT-industry. In particular, I managed a company dealing with sales, support and development of the software. Undoubtedly, it is likely to be more a background rather than active skills. However, as the phrase goes, “my hands remember everything”. Sales, project management, negotiations, presentations are everything that is “mine”. At the present moment I don’t make any movements, but from time to time I try different products and estimate methods of their promotion. I have a feeling that if something interesting connected with IT industry comes across my way I will dust off my ears and jump into battle.

Well. It’s like that. I should add territory restrictions. Generally speaking, there are no restrictions. The question is the more difficult travelling is the more “burning” project should be. Everything connected with Thailand is easy, even very easy. Russia is no problem. Everything else should be studied, of course.

Well, now you know everything. I would like to underline: I am not searching for a job. I am searching for interesting people, interesting projects and new opportunities. Write to me. I am online: bs2215@gmail.com or Facebook.